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Between 1998 to 2008-09, Australian household access to the internet at home has more than quadrupled from 16% to 72%. via Australian Bureau of Statistics
There had been over 6.5 billion internet users as of 2010. via net world stats
Businesses who use the internet have grown 46% faster than those that do not.
via American City Company Journals
Statistics showed 76.5% of Google users click on a search result within the first page. via Optify
“In Australia and worldwide, online shopping is growing massively. Retailers that wish to stay ahead of their competition are well advised to start thinking about starting an online store today.”
via: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
62% of consumers with web-connected mobile devices are buying goods via mobile.
via Internet Retailer 2011
In Australia, internet users as a percentage of the population is 72%.
via World Bank World Development Indicators 2009
“There are 200 million information searches on the Google search engines daily here within Australia. More importantly, surveys have indicated that over 86% of these searches are by people that are looking to buy products and services – possibly your products and services.”
via smartcompany 2008
As of 2010 Time spent online surpasses watching TV via Digital Influence Index
95% of users worldwide use search engines to find websites via smartcompany 2009
50% of U.S. CMOs at Fortune 1,000 companies said they launched a corporate blog because “it’s the cost of doing business today.” via eMarketer
Facebook has more than 400 million active users via website monitoring
Twitter gets more than 3 billion requests each day, generated by over 180 billion unique visitors.
via website monitoring
200 million views of YouTube via mobile per day. via Google
It took Telephone 38 years, Television 13years, Internet 4 years, Facebook 2 years – to reach 50 million users. via United Nations