Athanasee Zafirov : His Techniques In Creating Pixel Art

Allow us to show you the making of Pixel arts and what do you mean by it and how it became known to the world. Pixel art is a game designed and created from a small square with another sets resulted to an image. The first digital game ever made in the history was base on the pixel arts. Its popularity arose when they started to have more techniques and offers variety of methods to catch the eye of the people.

There are few things that we must understand about Pixel,Athanasse Zafirovuses the techniques in creating the pixel art. Most often he uses the Dithering technique in which he blends two colors without using other colors. This technique contributed to how well the colors blend and how well it can be distinguished from one another.

Another thing, you should learn about making pixel art is the coloring design. The old art had limited access to its color due to its shortage in memory capacity but because of advance technology and updated software, the colors in pixels became trendy and inspiring. They called it 8-bit, which means they can create color base on the integer set in which 8 is the highest. If you are curious to know more about digital art and animation, browse this site.

One more thing that we have to note is that of projection of the art. It may look simple but dimensional. It is far more complicated than creating an image facing up front. In this style, it gives you a dimensional view like of a shadow. This is what they called Isometric pixel art. The flow of the art work has been examined in order to showcase the design. It takes a lot of planning to create the scene. Coordination between angles, understanding the form and the ways should be fair in order to create a desirable and unique image. These are things that constitute pixel arts.