Places You Must Visit In Pakistan


Lahore and the Lahore Fort remain major tourist attractions. Lying adjacent to Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad, it has been called one of Pakistan’s most picturesque cities. The city is a popular destination for overseas Pakistani expatriates and nationals alike owing to its ideal blend of modernity with rich historic cultural heritage.

It was the country’s colonial capital from 1849 until 1930 when British rule ended but continues to attract both national and international tourists for its formidable sites such as the Wazir Khan Mosque (one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites), Badshahi Masjid (the second largest mosque in Pakistan after Faisal Mosque) along with other fascinating historical buildings like Raghunath Temple, Baharampur Mosque (Bada Imambara), the ancient Grand Trunk Road that starts from Lahore and traverses through the length and breadth of Pakistan passes through this city. It is also an emerging modern metropolis that serves as a financial centre, many high-rises were built in this part of the city in 2005 when it was announced to be a part of the “Golden Triangle” (a term coined by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan). Some sites that are visited include Lahore Museum, Lahore Fort, Lahore Museum of Rural Life, Shalimar Gardens, Tomb of Jahangir and the popular Wazir Khan Mosque.


Islamabad is the capital and largest city in Pakistan. The country’s government functions are based here. It is also a major political hub, with many significant national landmarks like the Faisal Mosque, Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Secretariat Building, Parliament House of Pakistan and others. Tourists should visit Islamabad because it has many tourism sites that are beautiful and have been preserved well despite their age. Some sites include the main city area with its many gardens, embassies and historical buildings such as Old Diplomatic Enclave.

Historically, Rawalpindi was an important city in Punjab. However, it became insignificant after the creation of Pakistan and later India. Today Rawalpindi is a medium-sized city situated approximately 20 kilometres (12 mi) north west of Islamabad and 60 kilometres (37 mi) south east of the capital, Lahore. It is strategically located at the foot of Margalla Hills near bore-constructed Kashmir Highway that connects all metropolitan cities across northern Pakistan. The population now exceeds over 3 million with greater numbers settling since the opening up of M1 Motorway connecting two major cities within hours distance from each other as well as other parts of country.


Tourists should visit karachi because Karachi is the largest and the financial capital of Pakistan.

Karachi is popular for its colonial British architecture, rich culture, excellent food on offer from all over Pakistan as well as other parts of world.

The city offers rich historic cultural heritage that dates back to centuries ago with sites including Empress Market (largest traditional market in Sub-continental Asia), Mohatta Palace (now used as exhibition space), Bagh-e-Kohsar (a 19th century garden which was renamed to Presidential Affairs at later stage) as well as Minars past(creating an extraordinary view for anyone).

Furthermore, there is a wide range of beaches like Clifton Beach, Sandspit and many others.